Red Sparrow Looks Like JLaw Might Have A Hit On Her Hands With A $26M Opening Weekend Projected

Jennifer Lawrence latest Box Office numbers haven’t been all that strong with her last movie mother! barely making a dent in the box office; therefore for Red Sparrow to be hitting the tracking board with still a month to go with a predicted $26M Opening Weekend in America alone may just bring Jennifer Lawrence back from her recent box office blunder and prove she is still that box office powerhouse that everyone admires; however time will tell how Red Sparrow does at the box office when it releases on 2rd March 2018


Review: Maze Runner The Death Cure A Entertaining Finale For A Franchise That Desperately Needed It

The third installment in The Maze Runner franchise The Death Cure see’s the young adult franchise come to a end with a much improved movie over it’s predecessor as rapid action mixed in with some pay off emotional scenes really make this final Maze Runner live up closer to it’s first movie and possibly out of it’s shadow altogether but all in all the true stars consisted in characters from Teresa, Newt & the franchise star Thomas with the rest of the cast really not adding anything to the finale which I would consider a decent franchise overall after this finale installment; however whatever the case may be if you find yourself having a chance to see this finale for Maze Runner then go for it because it certainly ends the franchise on a surprising high note rather a sour note like the movie beforehand did so for this franchise but you never know if this is truly the end for this Maze Runner franchise especially if it puts up box office numbers that a studio can’t refuse to make more of the franchise

Monster Hunter World Breaks Records With Over $1M Copies Sold Alone In Japan

The much awaited Monster Hunter World debuted only last week but with that it still has managed to break records in one country in particular called Japan as the game passed the million mark alone with just physical copies included with a possible breakage of the two million mark if you include digital sales along with physical sales; however nonetheless if Monster Hunter World is putting monster numbers in Japan alone then other countries much be posting some huge numbers as well which probably will be just extra money in the pocket of all involved in making of this game because Japan alone looks like this game only needed when it came to making a profit or at the very least proving game records very much still can be broken

Facebook Shuts Down The Alt Right Disney Hate Group As Black Panther Gets Threatened By Them

Disney very own hate group that was vocal when it came to Star Wars The Last Jedi demise with it’s deflated box office numbers has returned but this time to evoke destruction on Disney’s latest superhero movie from thier MCU Black Panther meaning the Rotten Tomatoes audience score is what will be in jeopardy when it comes to this Alt Right Disney hate group plans to tear down Black Panther but with Facebook banning the hate group altogether the numbers certainly will be diminished to make such a big attack to greatly affect the audience score for Black Panther on Rotten Tomatoes; however anything is definately possible especially with Facebook not being the only site out there for these groups to get together meaning inpact on Black Panther from this Alt Right Disney hate group will be up in the air with us having to wait to find out when Black Panther hits cinemas on 13th February 2018 for what the impact will be on it